Belongs to: tits

Compare with: great tit

Blue tit Parus caeruleus

Best time to see: all year

Key facts

One of our favourite garden birds, readily using nestboxes and coming to feeders

Habitat: very adaptable, raising young anywhere with a few trees and a cavity for a nest

Widespread and common resident


Blue crown and plain yellow belly distinguishes from great tit; 11–12 cm

Brisk, bold and agile; trilling song using various tunes 

Feeds mainly on aphids, caterpillars and insects, plus some fruit, seeds and nuts; in winter forages in woodland in flocks


Start prospecting for nest sites early in the year

Nest of moss, grass, hair and wool in a tree hole, a crevice in a wall or a nest box

1 brood, usually April to May; 8–15 white eggs with red-brown spots

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